Initiative offers children an opportunity to enjoy play-based learning: UNICEF

Amman, 145 thousand children in Jordan will be able to learn through playing, thanks to the partnership initiative with the LEGO Foundation, where thousands of toys have been distributed to children in schools, and kindergartens in different regions of the Kingdom.

More than 1,000 teachers from the Ministry of Education, working in two-shift schools, schools in refugee camps, kindergartens and community centers, will be trained in the methods of education that help children develop their skills, UNICEF said in a statement on Thursday.

UNICEF Representative to Jordan, Robert Jenkins, commented: “We are pleased to partner with LEGO to promote quality learning and psychosocial support for the most vulnerable children in the classroom and in their communities in different regions of Jordan.”

“We know that playing is an important way to reduce trauma and build resilience, and engaging in play-based activities with caregivers will ultimately help empower vulnerable children with a pathway,” said Sarah Bushieh, head of the play-based learning at LEGO.

The statement highlighted benefits of the initiative, adding: Learning through play helps children develop five basic physical, creative, cognitive, social and emotional skills through which children can improve the quality of their learning, recover from conflict-based trauma , the capability to build.

Source: Jordan News Agency