Inflation up 3.3pct in 2017

Amman, The Consumer Price Index (CPI), a measurement of inflation, marked a 3.3 percent rise in 2017 compared with the figure reported in 2016, according to official figures released Monday.

The figures by the Department of Statistics (DOS) revealed that the rise was driven by higher prices of a basket of consumer goods and services. According to the data, the prices and cost of transport edged up by 12.9 percent; rents (2.6 percent); tobacco (8.9 percent); vegetables and dried and canned legumes (5 percent) and healthcare (8.5 percent).

In turn, a number of goods saw their prices dropping in 2017 and they include, meat and poultry (5 percent); fruits and nuts (3.3 percent); garments (2.9 percent) and cereals (0.02 percent.

Source: Jordan News Agency