Industry Minister lists sectors excluded from leave

Minister of Industry, Trade, and Supply, Tariq Hammouri said Tuesday that the sectors excluded from the cabinet’s decision to suspend work in public and private institutions over coronavirus fears are food, health and pharmaceutical industries’ chains, and gas stations with entire chains of supply, transport, storage, manufacturing and sale.

In a press briefing at the National Center for Security and Crisis Management, Hammouri said basic commodities, foodstuffs and other goods are available in the civil and military consumer corporations, markets and stores, adding “there is no need for fear about the national food reserve.”

He also urged the public against mass shopping and stocking up on such goods for fear about their insufficiency.

The minister said that citizens can easily get food items and staple commodities from the military and civil consumers corporations and markets that are spread in all of the governorates of the Kingdom.

The Minister said that he hoped that citizens will not crowd in the markets for shopping, reminding that state agencies aim to control the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) through heeding the advice and instructions of the Ministry of Health, including maintaining a safe distance between the people during shopping.

He said that Prime Minister Omar Razzaz this morning visited the grain silos in the Sahab district, where he was reassured about the strategic reserve of wheat, flour and bread, stressing that the Kingdom has a stockpile enough for 14 months.

Hammouri explained that the Ministry of Industry and Trade is in constant contact with the civil and military consumers corporations, representatives of the private sector and mega malls, reiterating that the Kingdom has “a comfortable” reserve of goods and foodstuffs.

“Jordan is able to emerge stronger from the repercussions of the COVID-19 crisis, thanks to its citizens’ awareness and the wisdom of our Hashemite leadership,” he said.

Source: Jordan News Agency