Indonesia’s Tsunami death toll climes to 429

Amman, Indonesian disaster management officials on Tuesday said the death toll from Saturday’s tsunami that struck parts of the west coast of Java stood at 429 people, adding that another 1,400 were injured.

The British “Sky News” Network said in its bulletin that there are tens of peoples who are still missing and that the death toll could further rise.

It is believed that the cause of the tsunami was due to a combination of undersea landslides after the eruption of Mount “Anak Krakatoa.”

President of Indonesia Joko Widodo went to check on the area around the “Sunda” strait that was recently hit by a tsunami.

The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) showed clips of the Indonesian president’s visit to the afflicted area to follow up with rescue efforts. He said that the reasons behind what caused the tsunami are “not quite clear yet,” pointing out that the necessary tools will be provided to concerned agencies to warn of catastrophes that might happen in the future.

The Indonesian authorities cautioned people to stay away from beaches for fear of more tsunamis due to the “Anak Krakatoa” constant eruptions.

Source: Jordan News Agency