Indonesian Ambassador calls on Jordanian businessmen to invest in Indonesian coffee

Amman, Indonesian Ambassador to Jordan, Andy Rachmianto, called on Jordanian businessmen to invest in Indonesian coffee, especially in light of the rising domestic and international demand for coffee.

“Indonesia is among the world’s top coffee exporters and famous for its well-known specialty coffees, and one of them is ‘Kopi Luwak’,” said the Ambassador in remarks during the opening ceremony of the Indonesian Coffee Promotion, organized by the Indonesian Embassy and the Indonesian National Agency for Creative Economy in Amman yesterday.

The exhibition brings together around 150 representatives from Jordan’s famous coffee shop owners, associations, buyers and coffee lovers.

Indonesian coffee expert, Syafrudin, said that beside Luwak Coffee, Indonesia has 38 types of coffee with different taste and characteristics, like Sumatra, Toraja Aceh, and Mandailing coffee, which became popular recently in the Middle East.

The exhibition gives the audience the chance to have a first-hand-look at the various types of Indonesian coffee, its characteristics, production mechanism and the materials used in its production..

President of the Indonesia-Jordan Business Council (IJBC), Mayra Andrea, and President of the Jordan-Indonesian Friendship Association (JIFA), Luay Khasman, were also present at the exhibition.

Source: Jordan News Agency