House speaker, Kuwaiti envoy discuss situation in Palestinian territories

Lower House Speaker Abdul Muneim Odat, on Thursday, discussed with Kuwaiti Ambassador in Amman Aziz al-Dihani the latest developments in the Palestinian territories.

The two countries, the two sides said, saw eye to eye on various Middle East issues, namely, the Palestinian cause, as the two sides expressed their firm and unified stance in defending the Palestinian right against the Israeli crimes.

Odat stressed the importance of Arab parliamentary coordination in defense of the Palestinian cause and Jerusalem, commending his Kuwaiti counterpart Marzouq al-Ghanem’s role at the emergency session of the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union.

Al-Dihani praised Odat’s call to hold an emergency session for the Arab Inter-Parliamentary Union, pointing out the importance of the Arab parliaments’ role in supporting the steadfastness of the brotherly Palestinian people.

Source: Jordan News Agency