House foreign affairs committee meets with Syrian charge d’affaires

Amman, The Lower House of Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs held a meeting on Monday with Syrian Charge d’Affaires in Amman Shafiq Ayoub for a discussion on Jordanian-Syrian ties and a number of standing issues.

Chairman of the Committee Nidal Ta’ani underlined the importance of keeping the borders between the two countries open to serve the two nations’ interests, emphasizing the need to activate joint committees to resolve standing issues.

He called for resolving the issue of fees imposed on Jordanian trucks transporting merchandize to Syria in addition to resolving the water issue. The lawmaker also said that all Jordanian detainees in Syria should be returned home without any hindrances.

The Syrian official called for activating and forming joint committees to discuss the Syrian refugees issue in Jordan, adding that his country to keen to restore its relations with the Kingdom to what they were before 2011.

He expressed appreciation for Jordan’s role in preventing the infiltration of terrorists into Syria and the Kingdom’s role in hosting massive numbers of Syrian refugees despite enormous pressures on its infrastructure, water and energy sectors.

Source: Jordan News Agency