House committee, Kuwaiti ambassador talk food security

Chairman of the Lower House Agriculture and Water Committee, MP Mohammad Alaqmah, stressed the “strong” relations between Jordan and Kuwait.

Speaking during a meeting with e Kuwaiti ambassador to Jordan, Aziz Al-Daihani, Alaqmah said positions of the two countries at the Arab level are “similar and coordinate towards many Arab and regional issues,” especially Jordan’s central issue, the Palestinian cause.

The MP noted the discussions came to strengthen relations between the two countries, specifically in the agricultural field, pointing to the need to enhance the partnership between the agricultural committees in the Jordanian and Kuwaiti parliaments to achieve food security at the joint level and exchange experiences.

The lawmaker pointed to the importance of Kuwaiti investments in Jordan, which is the top investor country in the Kingdom.

The envoy, for his part, lauded as “deep-rooted” the relations between the two countries, adding that Kuwait “highly values ??Amman’s stances towards the Palestinian cause.”

The envoy said Kuwait supports and affirms Jordan’s custodianship over the holy sites in Jerusalem.

Pointing to the “huge” volume of Kuwaiti investments in the Kingdom, he noted the two countries have many agreements aimed to enhance joint economic activity.

Al-Daihani said Jordan offers a “distinguished agricultural, tourism and investment climate, which encourages Kuwaiti investors and citizens to go to the Kingdom and launch investments.”

Kuwait has been and will remain the first and main supporter of Jordan in various fields, the envoy affirmed.

Source: Jordan News Agency