House committee affirms Hashemite custodianship of Jerusalem’s holy sites

Head of the Lower House Foreign Affairs Committee MP Raed Khazaleh stressed the Hashemite custodianship of Jerusalem’s Islamic and Christian holy sites.

During a meeting with the British Ambassador to Jordan Edward Oakden, he said that Jordan will continue its historical role towards the Palestinian issue as it is a historical one that is guaranteed by all international agreements and conventions.

“Despite the difficult economic conditions facing the Kingdom, it received waves of migrants, who increased economic hardships and placed pressure on the economy and infrastructure in Jordan,” Khazaleh added.

He urged the international community to fulfill its pledges to Jordan, especially with regard to resolutions that have been adopted during the London donor conference.

The ambassador said that Britain was committed to providing all forms of support to Jordan in various domains, noting that Britain will not move its embassy to Jerusalem.

He also praised Jordan’s humanitarian role towards the Syrian refugees.

Source: Jordan News Agency