Health ministry, WHO sign support agreement

The Ministry of Health (MoH) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) Monday signed a country support programme for 2022-2023.

MoH Minister Feras Hawari said the agreement is aimed at bolstering WHO’s support for Jordan’s health sector, adding that the country support programme was developed to address national health priorities.

For her part, WHO Representative to Jordan, Jamela Raiby, said WHO will support and implement areas of cooperation and activities under the main axes of universal health coverage, emergencies, population health, information and data, based on national health priorities.

The plan is based on the country cooperation agreement 2021-2025 between the MoH and the WHO that was signed at the WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean in Cairo.

The estimated cost of the plan is USD 21 million, which is a planned cost and does not indicate the funds available for implementation.

Source: Jordan News Agency