Health Ministry reconstitutes medical errors’ committee

Minister of Health, Nathir Obeidat has reconstituted the Higher Technical Committee to consider issues related to medical errors, based on the provisions of the Medical and Health Liability Law No. 25 of 2018, which is reformed every two years.


During the swearing-in of the committee members on Saturday, Obeidat said the Medical Liability Law will contribute to pushing health professions forward and making quantum leaps in the level of health services provided to citizens and in supporting medical tourism, especially for patients from Arab and foreign countries coming for treatment.


He called on the committee members to accurately deal with issues related to medical errors brought before the committee, as it contributes to achieving justice and transparency and reflects the interests of citizens and medical staff alike.


He stressed the need to deal confidentially, objectively and in a participatory decision-making process with the issues of medical errors, as Jordan was one of the first countries to enact such a law in the region to preserve the rights of health service providers and recipients.


The Higher Technical Committee considers cases submitted by the judiciary, unions and Health Minister, and determines cases related to medical errors as quickly as possible and that concerns all parties to take the necessary decisions that are commensurate with the public interest.


Source: Jordan News Agency

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