Health ministry dismisses reports alleging medical insurance subscription hike

The Ministry of Health denied a proposed increase on the fiancial deduction paid to cover civil medical insurance, adding that no change will happen in the value of the subscription amount, whether for employees or retirees.

In a press statement on Thursday, the ministry said health insurance subscription, which is deducted according to related bylaws in force, stands at 3% for the average employee salary.

The amount should not exceed JD30 for workers and retirees, while other subscribers pay JD50, namely ministers, senators, lawmakers and other high-profile officials, the ministry added.

The ministry also denied reports on news outlets and social media, alleging health insurance fee will be hiked to JD50 per month.

The ministry said the amendment, which was discussed, is related on the mechanism of collecting JD50 from higher-ranking officials, who do not receive pension salaries.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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