Gov’t stresses commitment to protecting expression of opinion, dealing with illegal practices

Amman, The government said Jordanian legislation guarantees the citizens’ right to express their opinions and peaceful gathering, within the provisions of the Constitution and the law, with emphasis on its duty to apply the law in conjunction with respect for the right of people to peaceful expression.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the government underlined its commitment to protect this right, pointing out that the National Center for Human Rights report which stated that “the law enforcement authorities taking measures that harm the freedom of opinion, expression and peaceful gathering” is incorrect because it did not differentiate between freedom of expression and violating the law.

The government explained that the security agencies guaranteed the citizens’ right to peacefully express their opinions and protected them.

It also protected the public and individuals’ properties, stressing that blocking roads and streets, climbing citizens’ homes, attempts to provoke security personnel and claiming that security personnel have assaulted protestors constitute an outright violation of the law.

It called on the National Centre for Human Rights to educate citizens on their rights as well as their duties, in light of the importance of awareness and education in cementing human rights and respect for the principle of rights and duties, and avoid practices that violate the law and the freedom and rights of others.

Source: Jordan News Agency