Gov’t rolls out JD448mln Covid package….2nd & final addition

State Minister for Media Affairs Sakher Dudin indicated that under the social protection component (JD60 million) of the package, the number of households accessing the “Takaful 3” social welfare program which targets households affected by the crisis, including the families of days workers, will be increased by 60,000 so that the total number of beneficiary families will reach 160,000.


Additionally, Dudin, who is also the government’s spokesman, said impoverished families will receive vouchers which they can use to buy foodstuffs from the civil and military consumer corporations during the holy month of Ramadan.


With regard to measures to sustain employment in the private sector and promote job creation, the minister said the package earmarks JD113 million for this component, in addition to another JD10 million that will be used to upgrade health services.


To that end, he added, the Ministry of Labor will extend the Estidamah program, a scheme targeting most-affected businesses and sectors not allowed to reopen, until the end of the current year.


According to Dudin, the move is designed to sustain the jobs of more than 100,000 workers in these sectors, noting that the cost of the program’s extension is JD50 million that will be paid by the government, in addition to JD25 million that will be provided by the Social Security Corporation.


Additionally, the minister revealed that the Greater Amman Municipality will work to stimulate the construction sector in the capital by increasing the number of apartments allowed to be built on each plot of land subject to specific regulations.


The Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship will launch a project to employ young men and women (who graduated during the last three years) in digital and information technology companies, noting that the government will subsidize 50 percent of wages for a period of 6 months, at a total cost of JD20 million, according to Dudin.


He revealed that the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities will launch a project for the rehabilitation and maintenance of various archaeological and tourist sites in the Kingdom, to provide about 4,500 job opportunities for a period of 8 months and at a cost of up to JD11 million.


Moreover, the Ministries of Health and Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship will launch a project to create 1,500 data entry and extension and communication jobs for a period of six months to support efforts exerted to confront the coronavirus pandemic, at a total cost of JD2 million, the minister indicated.


He added that the Ministry of Health will also launch a project to employ 2,500 male and female nurses, for a period of 6 months, in cooperation with the Jordanian Nurses and Midwives Association, with the aim of supporting the ministry’s efforts in hospitals, health centers, and vaccination sites, at a total cost of JD6 million.


Dudin also pointed out that the Ministry of Agriculture will launch a national project for afforestation in the various governorates of the Kingdom to employ 6,000 unemployed Jordanians at a cost of JD10 million dinars for a period of six months, and not exceeding the end of this year.


Also, the Ministries of Agriculture and Finance will subsidize the interest on loans secured for new and priority agricultural projects aimed at employing youth and women and stimulating the use of technology, at a value of JD4 million.


Dudin added that the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Supply will allocate JD10 million to stimulate the industrial sector with the aim of increasing job opportunities in export-oriented sectors.


In the youth and media sectors, the minister noted that the package allocates JD2 million to support the employment of young men and women (who graduated during the last three years) in vaccination and disease prevention campaigns.


According to the minister, the programs and projects, which will be introduced under the package, will help create about 14,500 jobs through the end of the current year, in addition to protecting the jobs of more than 100,000 private sector workers.


Public transport operators in the capital Amman will be relieved from 50 percent of new licensing fees to compensate them for lockdown periods and the reduction in seating capacity, Dudin indicated, adding that the cost of this measure is JD1.6 million.


Also, fines imposed on delayed payments of property tax will be canceled while taxpayers will also be relieved from fines on outstanding balances they owe to the tax department if they pay off the dues before July 1, 2021.


Source: Jordan News Agency

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