Gov’t reveals circumstances of moves, activities aimed at destabilizing Jordan’s security……1st & final addition

In response to a question about the “external entities” that assisted those involved in this case, the Deputy Prime Minister said that the concerned authorities will not reveal the details of the investigations at this stage, but he confirmed that there were proven contacts with external parties, and when the investigation is complete, its details will be published with full clarity and transparency.”


Safadi reiterated that the number of people arrested yesterday ranged between 14-16 people, in addition to Basem Awadallah and Sharif Hassan bin Zaid, indicating that there were “proven attempts to destabilize Jordan’s security and stability and that had been attempts coordinated with foreign parties, in addition to moves that violate the security of the homeland.”


He also stressed that Jordan’s security and stability take precedence over every consideration and that the state acted effectively and was able to nip these moves in the bud, and protected its security and stability, adding that the legal path would take its course.


Regarding His Royal Highness Prince Hamzah, Safadi indicated that there is an effort being made to try to deal with the issue within the framework of the Hashemite family, stressing that the law is above all, and Jordan’s security and stability are also above all. He emphasized that all the necessary measures will be taken to protect the Kingdom’s security and stability, and to ensure the rule of law is applied on all.


He also indicated that the persons who were arrested are within the inner circle of His Highness Prince Hamzah, noting that some of those people were still employees while others were not. The Deputy Premier emphasized that the investigation is still ongoing and will be fully disclosed upon completion.


“We are talking transparently and clearly. We dealt with the issue from the first moment with transparency, announcing all available information, and the measures that have been taken. We will continue this approach, protect Jordan and its stability, and apply the rule of law on everyone,” Safadi said.


On the continuation of the security operation and the arrest of more people, Safadi explained that there are intensive investigations carried out by the joint security services, which lasted for a long time, indicating that yesterday’s moves required to be dealt with, adding that there were communications “discussing the appropriate time to move.”


“The case has transitioned from the stage of intentions and planning to talking about timing, which required security agencies to act efficiently and competently. This sedition was nipped in the bud, and dealt with according to the law,” the Deputy Prime Minister said.


In response to a question that some countries assisted the Kingdom in this operation, the Deputy Prime Minister affirmed that “this is an effort made by our security services, which are known for their competence and capability. From the very beginning, they dealt with the issue professionally and managed to arrive at these critical outcomes.”


“What friendly and brotherly countries have done is to affirm and appreciate Jordan’s role and to emphasize its security and stability. They voiced support for all decisions taken by His Majesty King Abdullah II to protect the security and stability of the nation,” Safadi said.


Safadi referred to His Majesty’s directives after receiving the joint security report, which referred to moves that required dealing with them, indicating that the King asked that the matter be dealt with within the Hashemite family in a manner that protects Jordan and be consistent with the Kingdm’s historical approach.


However, the Deputy Premier reiterated that the country’s security and stability take precedence over anyone and any consideration, stressing that this issue will be dealt with in a way that safeguards and achieves Jordan’s security and stability.


In response to a question about the relationship between Basem Awadallah and Sharif Hassan bin Zaid, Safadi indicated that there was “mutual contact between the two and there was also communication between them and His Royal Highness the Prince”, adding that: “There was an effort targeting Jordan, its security and stability. Such effort was thwarted and dealt with according to the law and within the context of Jordanian history based on compassion, justice, and also firmness when it comes to Jordan’s security and stability.”


He pointed out that the investigations will reveal the facts, saying “there are those who employed wishes and delusions to serve agendas aimed at destabilizing Jordan’s security and stability and undermining its firm position on major issues in the region.”


In response to a question regarding the so-called external opposition, Safadi said that Jordan is a country of institutions, law and is a strong state that deals with anything that violates its law within the legal tools, stressing that the state is capable of protecting Jordan’s security and stability.


Regarding international positions to what happened yesterday, Safadi affirmed that Jordan is a key country in the region, and His Majesty enjoys respect and high international status, adding that: “Everyone understands the importance of Jordan, its security, stability, and the centrality of the Jordanian role in efforts to solve the region’s crises and achieve comprehensive security and stability.”


He added: “Therefore, we saw the world affirming its stand by the Kingdom, its respect and appreciation for any decisions taken by Jordan and His Majesty to protect Jordan’s security and stability.”


Regarding the charges against those arrested yesterday, the Deputy Prime Minister stressed that the legal course will be guided by the investigations, adding: “We are now in the investigation stage, which deals with activities and moves that were targeting Jordan’s security, spreading sedition and undermining Jordan’s stability. When the investigation is complete, the matter will be dealt with according to the legal path with full transparency and clarity.”


In response to a question, the Deputy Prime Minister dismissed claims about the arrest of Jordanian military commanders, stressing that the military establishment was an essential part of the investigation process.


“The operation, in terms of thwarting the sedition, has ended. We are now in the stage of legal framing and management of it. The security and stability of Jordan take precedence over everyone and no one in Jordan is above the law. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a state of law and institutions and deals with everything according to the law in a manner that reflects its justice and firmness at the same time,” Safadi concluded.


Source: Jordan News Agency

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