Gov’t following up on Israel’s suspension of church tax, says minister

Minister of State for Media Affairs, Mohammad Al-Momani said Monday the government is closely following the Israeli government’s decision to suspend recent plans to collect taxes from Christian denominations in Jerusalem The government will also follow up on the work of an ad hoc team that Israel has formed to find solutions to this issue, Al-Momani said in a statement.

The minister added that Jordan has made contacts on several levels to deal with this matter and defend Jerusalem’s churches against the unfair and illegal Israeli actions.

He underlined that East Jerusalem is part of occupied territories in 1967, which fall only under international and humanitarian laws.

Al-Momani said Israel, as an occupying power in East Jerusalem, must fulfill its responsibilities in this regard, first and foremost of which is to preserve the historical and legal status quo in the holy sites in Jerusalem.

Source: Jordan News Agency