Government will work to achieve clear goals: Prime Minister

Prime Minister, Omar al-Razzaz, said his government, which was sworn in before His Majesty King Abdullah II on Thursday, will work to achieve the clear goals set by the Royal decree.

The government’s priorities during the forthcoming coming period will focus on tackling the economic situation and the political challenges facing the Kingdom. The government’s task is “difficult and arduous, but, we will carry on with the support of all,” the Prime Minister told reporters after the government took oath at al-Husseiniya Palace today.

Al-Razzaz said the Letter of Designation directly touched on the citizens’ concerns, ambitions and aspirations for real services and noted : “I have sought to form a ministerial team that can achieve this vision and mandate.” He said the ministerial team will work in the spirit of the same team, and added “we work as a consistent team who are requested to implement the Royal directives in the field, to listen to the people, to deal with the priorities, and to accept others’ opinion so that we can diagnose the challenges facing the country and the citizen to find core solutions to them.

Source: Jordan News Agency