Government responds to MPs’ remarks on the 2021 budget…2nd, final add

Discussing the lawmakers’ recommendation to expedite an integrated health insurance umbrella, the minister said the government is attaching “great” importance to this issue and considers it a fundamental reform, to achieve the citizen health safety by expanding health services’ beneficiaries to include all citizens, and establish justice in terms of cost and service.

In this context, he said the government is working on a “comprehensive” plan for health insurance, and make the necessary legislative amendments to put this file into effect during the next phase.

To further boost the economic activity, the minister said the government “fully” endorses a recommendation made by the House Finance Committee to activate and implement partnership projects with the private sector, launch a value-added relation, and start their implementation to mitigate the burden on the public budget.

Within this framework, he said the government relies “heavily” on partnership projects between the public and private sectors to stimulate economic growth and contribute to job creation and address unemployment and poverty problems.
The government is working to prepare a list of projects in various priority sectors of the economy, and a comprehensive assessment of these future financial implications, according to the minister.

With regard to the recommendation of the House’s Finance Committee and MPS’ interventions regarding the necessary steps to merge and abolish government institutions and independent bodies with similar nature, tasks and objectives, the minister said the government is conducting a “comprehensive and in-depth” study on the scientific basis for restructuring the public sector, aimed to improve its performance and raise its efficiency, improve the service level, and control public spending in a “real” manner.

With regard to grants and foreign aid, the minister said the government will invest Jordan’s “distinguished” position under the King’s leadership to increase assistance to Amman to face challenges, which caused “great” pressure on the country’s available financial resources.

In this context, the minister thanked brotherly and friendly countries and international institutions that have fulfilled their aid obligations, and lauded their continued support to Jordan, especially amid this difficult phase facing the national economy.


Source: Jordan News Agency

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