The Council of Ministers is discussing the reopening of yet more sectors that have been heavily affected by the latest government decisions aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19, and means to support the most impacted businesses.

In a briefing at the Prime Ministry, Minister of State for Media Affairs Amjad Adaileh, pointed out that the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities had submitted recommendations and proposals aimed at cushioning the impact and reducing the harm done on the tourism sector due to the pandemic: providing liquidity to the sector and supporting affected workers.

Also, the recommendations included the preparations needed to jumpstart the internal tourism, Adaileh said, adding that pertinent decisions will be divulged within the next week.

The report of the committee responsible for studying foreign funds applications was also viewed by the Cabinet, as it showed that the committee resumed work on 27/4/2020, and that the Council of Ministers had signed off a plethora of projects, especially those, directly or indirectly, addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, a respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus.

Minister of Health Sa’ad Jaber, according to Adaileh, had also submitted the National Epidemiology Committee’s recommendations on the gradual reopening of some sectors: enterprises, businesses, places of worship, nurseries.

Also, Prime Minister Omar Razzaz had instructed public institutions to resume work as of 31/5/2020, pointing out that working hours for public sector employees will be as planned and based on the guidance issued to that end, he said.

Adaileh reiterated that the blanket curfew will be imposed across the Kingdom on Friday, 29/5/2020.

On inquiries raised by many on when or if the government is reopening some sectors, the Minister said that the government is following on the people’s concerns, through social media and other outlets.

Adaileh said that the resumption of work in some sectors is highly dependent on the developments of the pandemic, primarily cases registered over the span of a week; the percentage of tests conducted; the fatality and recovery rates and the capacity of the health system, as he emphasized: “they are not based on a specific timeframe.”


Source: Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

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