Government coerced into the war with Houthis: Yemeni envoy

The Yemeni ambassador to Jordan, Ali Omrani, said the war in his country was not an option of the Yemeni government or the Arab coalition, “but we were coerced into this war with the Houthis.” “Houthi is resorting to dodging, and his project since its inception has been fighting and war, and citizens view this group as conquerors,” he told a news briefing on Thursday on the announcement of the Hodeidah ceasefire and the Yemeni government’s week-long ultimatum to help success of the UN envoy’s efforts.

Commenting on reports on the Houthis’ readiness to pull out of Hodeidah’s port, Omrani said: “the port of Hodeidah and the city of Hodeidah are indivisible. They are an interconnected entity. The Yemeni government stresses the inevitability of the withdrawal of the Houthi militias from the port and the city”.

“We are not optimistic about the flexibility shown by Houthis,” he said, and described it as ” a mere dodge and maneuver to buy time and say this based on our bitter experience with them.” “When the government takes the decision to liberate Hodeidah, it is exercising its sovereign right to protect its people, safegurad international navigation, and prevent smuggling of Iranian weapons and missiles to the Houthis,” he said.

This policy is in accordance with the resolutions of international legitimacy, and in particular 2216, which stipulates the withdrawal of the Houthi militias from all the areas they have captured, he said.

With regard to the measures taken to protect Hodeidah population as a result of the military operations, he pointed out the government and the Arab coalition have taken measures based on “precaution and gradualization,” which do not affect the civilian population and installations and ensure the flow of humanitarian and relief assistance.

Source: Jordan News Agency