Gaza warns against explosion as Israel pursues aggression, blockade

Gaza City, The Higher National Commission of Great March of Return and Breaking of the Siege Saturday warned of an explosion in the situation in the Gaza Strip and called for lifting the blockade as Israel continued its “aggression and crimes”.

The organisation made the warning in a press conference it held in Gaza City, a day after Israeli troops killed four Palestinians and wounded dozens in ongoing protests on the Gaza border.

“This criminal act is a continuation of the policies of aggression and siege on our people. This occupation is known for its crimes, and we hold it fully responsible for its serious policy of violating understandings, which is in the context of its desperate attempts to terrorize the participants in these marches,” it said in a statement.

The commission vowed to continue the “return marches” to break the blockade “as one of the most important manifestations of Palestinian struggle”, warning that Israel’s procrastination to lift the siege and stop the aggression would lead to an explosion and return the situation to how it was before the understandings sponsored, which were sponsored by Egypt and the United Nations.

Source: Jordan News Agency