Fourteen deaths take COVID-19 fatalities in Jordan to 4,262

COVID-19 killed 14 in Jordan in the last 24 hours, taking the death toll to 4,262, and a total of 870 cases were recorded across the Kingdom, bringing the caseload to 323,111, according to the Ministry of Health (MoH).


Breaking down today’s tally, the MoH said that 483 cases were recorded in Amman, 113 in Irbid, 70 in Mafraq, 53 in Balqa, 47 in Zarqa, 36 in Jerash, 15 in Aqaba, 15 in Tafilah, 13 in Ajloun, 13 in Madaba and 12 in Karak.


The MoH said in a press conference in the Prime Ministry that some 51 people had recovered and were discharged from hospitals while 49 patients were admitted, as the total number of COVID-19 patients in hospitals stands at 391.


The number of active COVID-19 cases was around 7,770, it added.


More than 311,080 COVID-19 patients, including people who had been self-isolating, have fully recovered so far.


In the government’s efforts to stem the spread of the virus, contact tracing teams conducted some 24,760 tests, about 3.5 percent of which came back positive, as the total number of tests surpassed 3.78 million.


The MoH urged people to abide by the defense orders and adhere to safety measures, foremost of which are wearing masks and warned against holding gatherings of more than 20 people.


It also encouraged people to follow the MoH’s awareness campaign on how to stay safe from COVID-19, dubbed “I Protect Them” and sign up to receive the vaccine.


Source: Jordan News Agency


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