Finance minister follows up on measures to combat tax evasion

Amman, The weekly meeting Finance Minister Ezzedine Kanakrieh holds with heads of financial departments focused on steps adopted to crackdown on tax and customs duty evasion among other procedures, according to a statement.

It said today’s meeting focused on the preparation of the final account for 2018, due to be unveiled in early February, implementation of the public debt strategy endorsed by the Council of Ministers last week, and proceeding with the integration of 29 government units into the general budget law and incorporating them into the Government Financial Management Information System (GFMIS).

The meeting also tackled easing customs procedures, including the one stop shop, and anti-smuggling measures and a crackdown on commonly smuggled goods such as cigarettes, with the minister urging stiffer penalties for those involved in the illegal trade.

Regarding the Department of Lands and Survey, the meeting discussed fully enforcing the law regarding assaults against treasury land in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and security authorities.

Source: Jordan News Agency