Fayez: Jordan seeks normal relations with Syria

Amman, Senate President Faisal Fayez said Saturday that Jordan’s stance towards Syria is “clear and firm” and is based on finding a political solution to the Syrian crisis, ending fighting, preserving the unity of the country and its people and defeating terrorist groups.

Speaking during a meeting with Syrian Bar Association President and member of the People’s Assembly, Nizar Skeif, Fayez said that Jordan hopes for the “return of the brotherly relations with Syria and to cooperate with it in fighting the various terrorist forces”.

Since the start, he said, Jordan has consistently called for a political solution to the Syrian crisis, and has sought with Russia and the other international partners to create a safe and tension-free environment in Syria, an endeavor which succeeded in southern Syria, where normal life had returned after terrorists were driven from the region.

He said that Jordanian-Syrian security coordination has not stopped since the outbreak of the crisis in Syria, as the Syrian embassy in Jordan and the Kingdom’s embassy in Damascus had not closed, while Jordan bore a heavy burden for receiving hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees.

“Jordan has had no problem with sister Syria. We seek to restore these brotherly relations back to normal and see a thaw in these bilateral relations at all levels, so as to become stronger than they were before the crisis, which is a common interest for the two countries”, he said.

Fayez expressed the hope that the opening of border crossings between the two countries and fostering economic ties would herald in the return of relations to normal at the grassroots and official levels.

Source: Jordan News Agency