Fayez calls on the EU to increase its financial aid to Jordan

Amman, President of the Senate Faisal Fayez called on the European Union to increase its economic and financial assistance to Jordan to enable it overcome repercussions of the Syrian refugee crisis and to counter the economic challenges triggered by the regional volatilities.

Fayez’s remarks came during talks he held at the Upper House of Parliament on Thursday with his Spanish counterpart, Pio Garcia Escudero, who is on a several-day visit to Jordan, at an official invitation of the Senate President.

During the meeting, Fayez urged the international community to assume its moral, humanitarian and legal obligations in a bid to kick off serious efforts to restore stability to Syria, end the suffering of the Syrian people and enable refugees to return to their homeland.

The discussions also dealt with the current situation in the region, the fight against terrorism and extremism, and ways to strengthen bilateral ties in various fields, especially in the parliamentary, economic, tourism and investment domains.

Fayez also highlighted the repercussions of the current situation in the region and its impact on Jordan, and pointed out Jordan was the most affected by these volatilities, especially the Syrian crisis, as it had adversely impacted the citizens’ living conditions.

“Despite these painful and unfortunate events, Jordan is today politically and militarily strong and is capable of protecting its security and stability. However it faces the challenge of not being able to continue its humanitarian role in serving hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees on its soil as it battles an economic crisis, scarcity of resources and the international community’s unfulfillment of its commitments. We only hear praise of our role, and sympathy with us, ” he told the Spanish official and his accompanying delegation.

On a related context, Fayez said Jordan has borne the cost of hosting Syrian refugees since beginning of the crisis until the end of last year, estimated at $10.3 billion, while the world only offered a quarter of this amount.

To help Jordan overcome challenges, he called on the international community to fulfill its commitments to the Kingdom to continue providing services to refugees, to push ahead with its pivotal role in the Middle East aimed at establishing regional security and stability, and to confront the various forces of terrorism and extremism.

Fayez lauded Spain’s support for King Abdullah II’s stance towards the peace process in the region as His Majesty rejected the US administration’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and his affirmation that Jerusalem is the key to the solution of the Palestinian issue based on the basis of a two-state solution.

Escudero, for his part, stressed his country’s interest in developing bilateral ties, especially as the Kingdom is a strong partner for restoring stability in the Middle East and the war on terrorism.

He also said Spain is aware the EU assistance to Jordan is not up to the country’s key role in the region and described this situation as ” unfair”.

On this issue, he said the Spanish senate has contacted the EU’s institutions to increase financial aid to Jordan.

Source: Jordan News Agency