Euros 510 million in EU aid to Jordan

Amman Jordan and the European Union on Monday signed a joint declaration on the assistance for the period 2017-2020 in the amount of 410 million euros under the European Neighbourhood Policy.

They also signed a grant agreement for a programme in the amount of 100 million euros to support the implementation of the National Strategy for the Solid Waste Management SWM.

Planning and International Cooperation Minister Imad Fakhoury EU Ambassador in Amman Andrea Fontana signed the agreements.

During the ceremony, Fakhoury said that the assistance is to support the efforts of the government in the various development and reform areas through the implementation of a package of development programs and projects during the period 2017-2020, including programs of sector support through the budget.

He said that the joint declaration included priorities in line with the partnership reached between Jordan and the EU during the meeting of the Jordanian-European partnership committee held in Amman on July 19, 2016.

The priorities, he said, include promoting social and economic development in Jordan, which will focus on supporting the achievement of the Jordan 2025 by supporting the priorities of the Executive Development Program 2018-2020, strengthening the rule of law and improving border management and preventing violent extremism, as well as complementary support for institutional building and capacity building.

For the grant, it includes 50 million euros from pledges made during the London conference 2016, 20 million euros from EU bilateral assistance for 2016, and 30 million euros from EU bilateral assistance for 2017.

Forty million euros of the grant will be transferred to support the general budget and 60 million euros will be used for the implementation of infrastructure projects including construction and initial operation of sanitary landfills in the Northern and Central Regions (including Al Ekaider and Al Hussainiat landfills), and construction and/or rehabilitation of transfer stations in the waste catchment areas, said the minister.

The grant aims to gradually improve solid waste facilities and strengthen the existing legal and regulatory framework to meet the objectives set out in the National Municipal Solid Waste Strategy, strengthen monitoring and control capabilities, improve the collection, transport and disposal system in the northern and central regions, social and economic welfare and health status of collectors of recyclable materials from landfills, according to Fakhoury.

The minister voiced Jordan’s appreciation of the EU’s continued provision of financial and technical support to the Kingdom.

For his part, Fontana said “the EU remains a credible partner for Jordan with the pledging of a new financial package of up to 410 million euros to support Jordan’s social economic development and stability as laid down in the Vision 2025. We are also delivering on our pledges by providing Euros 100 million grants to help Jordan in implementing a National key Strategy for Solid Waste Management, a sector that has been heavily impacted by the Syrian refugee influx which the EU will respond to under this support”, he said.

The Ambassador stressed that the EU remains committed to provide further support to promote social and economic development, strengthen the rule of law, and enhance Jordan’s security.

In partnership with the French Development Agency (AFD), the implementation of the EU-funded programme will start immediately with the simultaneous signature of an agreement delegating the management of part of the action.

The value of the first agreement signed under the new EU programme is 55.3 million euros that are made immediately available for the building or rehabilitation of several infrastructures, including Al Ekeider landfill and to build the capacity of entities responsible for Municipal Solid Waste.

Source: Jordan News Agency