Enabling women’s entrepreneurship inseparable from their empowerment in vital sectors, says Ghneimat

Amman, Minister of State for Media Affairs, Government Spokesperson, Jumana Ghneimat, said empowering women in entrepreneurship is inseparable from their empowerment in important and vital sectors, especially in the economic domain.

Speaking at the opening session of the ‘WIPO Regional Meeting on IP and Women Entrepreneurship in the Arab Region,’ which kicked off on Sunday at the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply, she expressed the importance that governments and relevant local and international organizations provide an enabling environment for women to translate their ideas to entrepreneurial productive projects, which contribute to the society development.

Ghneimat said the main problem facing women in society is participation in the economic sectors, adding the rate of women participation in economic life is 16 percent, which is “weak” compared to the proportion of educated women in society.

In this context, she said the government has developed in its priorities document for the years 2019 to 2020 employment plans to curb the high unemployment rate, which hit 19 percent through creating additional jobs.

The government has created more than 18 thousand additional jobs this year, in partnership with the private sector, in addition to opening the door for entrepreneurial projects, she pointed out.

Ghneimat, who also heads the Ministerial Committee for the Empowerment of Women, noted Jordan is a favorable environment for entrepreneurship, as the prevalence of the Internet and smartphones in Jordan is high, in addition to the quality education that fosters innovation and contributes to the creation of entrepreneurial projects that benefit society.

Ghneimat said the WIPO meeting in Jordan with the participation of 22 countries reflects the importance of the interest in promoting women entrepreneurship, stressing the need for the participants to come up with recommendations focusing on the legislative environment for women entrepreneurship and the necessary financing tools for their projects.

The minister suggested that the WIPO meeting organizers implement a media campaign to propagate the culture of entrepreneurship in Arab societies to constitute an important gateway for the women participation in productive entrepreneurial projects that contribute to enhancing and increasing their economic empowerment.

Source: Jordan News Agency