Elections commission signs agreement with USAID

Amman, The Independent Election Commission (IEC) on Tuesday inked a cooperation agreement with the United States Agency for International Development

(USAID) aimed at supporting the Commission’s efforts to enhance political representation and foster the democratic process according to best international practices.

The agreement was signed by IEC Chairman of Board of Commissioners Dr. Khaled Kalaldeh and Acting Director of the USAID mission to Jordan in the presence of officials from both sides.

Kalaldeh underlined the importance of the agreement, which comes to support several key projects designed to promote and enshrine the principles of integrity, neutrality and independence through the commission’s use of multiple financial resources. He thanked the USAID for its support in improving the IEC’s infrastructure.

Key projects to be supported by the USAID under the agreement include a solar energy system project, which will be installed at the premises of the IEC, the establishment of an advanced media center and two printing presses; one will be a Braille printing.

Source: Jordan News Agency