Education ministry launches initiative to build 15 schools…1st, final add

Maani estimated the ministry’s need to build 600 new school buildings over the next 10 years, noting the project is an “important” step in this direction.

He asked the International Finance Corporation (IFC), which oversees the project, to speed up the tenders, which require the involvement of the private sector, as it is responsible for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of schools for several years before being handed over to the ministry.

Apart from the project, Maani said the ministry received 17 new schools this year, while 37 schools are still under construction.

The project, he expected, will contribute to improving the quality of education by providing a suitable learning environment in schools to serve future generations.

On her part, IFC Regional Director Dalia Wahba stressed the project’s “significant” developmental impact, once completed, in terms of improving the school environment, enhancing quality of the educational process, and addressing school overcrowding, which resulted from natural population growth and migration.

Wahba pointed to Jordan’s great role in receiving 1.3 million Syrian refugees, 130 thousand of which are school students.

During the launch, attended by sponsors representatives, the project work plan and the necessary technical procedures were presented.

Source: Jordan News Agency