Education Minister: We are keen on reflecting centennial’s great achievements

Minister of Education, Tayseer Nuaimi, said the ministry is keen on turning the great meanings, concepts and achievements of the Jordanian state’s centennial into educational attitudes and activities at the school and classroom level, in order to reinforce the concepts of loyalty, belonging and true citizenship among students.


“In this country, we have the right to be proud of the centennial of the foundation of the Jordanian state, led by its people and its Hashemite leadership, with its constitutional, historical and religious legitimacy, as well as its achievements as a state of law and institutions since its foundation,” Nuaimi said in a meeting held by the ministry’s committee for celebrations of the centennial of the foundation of the Jordanian state.


He added that the Jordanian state has placed people at the forefront of its priorities, so it provided support to the education sector, which has made quantum leaps during this journey, indicating that education in Jordan has made great achievements, and its graduates have proven their ability and competitiveness by contributing to building educational systems in brotherly countries and still are.


He pointed to the ministry’s keenness to promote the concepts of national education, true citizenship, and pride in Jordan’s history among students by including these concepts in school curricula.


“We are inspired by the successive Hashemite leaderships, starting with King Abdullah the founder, and the Jordanians who helped build the foundation of the Jordanian state, then King Talal, the constitution founder, late King Hussein bin Talal, the builder, and King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein, the promoter, whose era is witnessing an acceleration in the pace of construction and the transformation and achievement towards excellence and innovation in human resources, milestones and lessons to be educational attitudes for our children,” the minister underlined.


The education minister noted that celebrations must be consistent with the general national plan and the event, calling for participatory planning with concerned authorities, while stressing the importance of the participation of schools, students, teachers, departments, education directorates, and the center of the ministry in this great national effort.


He valued efforts of the designated committee and all cadres to follow up on the plan as well as partners who support the ministry in implementing the activities.


Source: Jordan News Agency

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