Eager Lion drill’s 8th edition concludes war games

Amman, The “Eager Lion” drill 2018 concluded its 8th edition on Wednesday with a naval exercise to raid and inspect a vessel in participation of the US marines.

In simulation of a hostage-taking operation, the troops successfully liberated hostages and nabbed the outsider culprits after they cordoned off the vessel with speed raid boats, and rescued the detainees with the help of military helicopters.

The joint final-day war game also brought the anti-terror crews together to professionally destroy a beach target.

The Eager Lion is an annual joint exercise that has been held in Jordan since 2011.

The war games sought to bolster military cooperation between the Jordanian-Us armies, and training to face potential current and future security threats as 7,000 land, naval and air troops took part in them.

Source: Jordan News Agency