‘Eager Lion 2018’ drill continues

Amman, The “Eager Lion 2018” military drill continued Tuesday with a naval force exercise with the participation of Royal Naval gunboats, the Frogmen, the 77th Royal Jordanian Marine Battalion in cooperation with US Marines.

Today’s exercise began with the arrival of the USS Oak Hill LSD 51 ship, which docked at the Prince Hashim bin Abdullah II Marine Base pier, in which many royal naval members as well as US marines are participating.

The war games aim to strengthen the partnership between the United States and Jordan and develop capacity in terms of bilateral defense plans agreed between the two sides.

The drill includes lectures for various naval force groups, such as training divers on the cultivation of marine mines and how to dispose of them, giving theoritical operations orders to the various Marine Corps forces and shooting from various types of light weapons.

Source: Jordan News Agency