Deadly Shouneh fire caused by electrical overload

Amman, An electrical circuit overload caused the fire that killed 13 Pakistani nationals at their home in a farming community in Southern Shouneh, according to findings by a technical committee investigating early Monday’s accident.

The results of the investigation announced on Tuesday by the Civil Defence Department revealed that an electrical overload caused a short circuit in the random wires on the ceiling and walls of the tin shack, according to a statement.

It said that the panel concluded that a short circuit occurred in the kitchen’s interior and was followed by others in the rest of the grid, which set the wood and cardboard ceiling on fire and collapsed on the people in the house. The flames rapidly spread the other rooms and torched mattresses, sheets, carpets, wood cabinets and flammable materials, it added.

The committee pointed out that the fire at the tin farmhouse in Al Karama in Southern Shouna led to the asphyxiation and death of 13 people, whose bodies were charred, and also injured 3 other people, all of them of the Pakistani nationality.

Source: Jordan News Agency