Criminal Court holds first ever remote trial

Amman, The Grand Criminal Court (GCC) yesterday held its first ever remote trial, during which it heard the testimonies of two defendants facing murder charges by video without their physical presence in court.

President of the GCC, Judge Hayel al-Amro, said the two defendants were held in a room equipped to conduct the trial by video at the Jweida correctional and rehabilitation facility using electronic linkage.

The two men made their defense testimonies before their defense attorneys and the Attorney General argued their cases, he added.

Al-Amro highlighted the clarity of both audio and video during the trial, pointing out the need to expand the use of these “remote trials,” citing the high-risk cases the court hears.

Last July, the Ministry of Justice launched the remote trial project to speed up legal proceedings, and save time and effort using modern methods to hear inmates and witnesses remotely.

The technology also helps along the prosecution process of those who committed dangerous crimes, as well as those whose lives may be at risk during transport to and from prison.

Source: Jordan News Agency