Contaminated operation room at Prince Hamza Hospital closed for sterilization

Amman, Director of Prince Hamza Hospital, Bassem Zubi, said a contaminated operation room has now been closed for sterilization and implementation of prevention procedures.

Commenting on a recent contamination-related incident, Zubi expressed his deep regret over the victims of a hospital-acquired infection, adding all operating theatres are susceptible to contamination.

He said Prince Hamza Hospital takes sterilization procedures “seriously”.

On the surgical procedures taken, he said four people had undergone eye surgeries at the hospital suffering from a severe infection from a bacteria known as Streptococcus.

Streptococcus is commonly found in the human oral cavity, the director added, however tests discovered that the patients had high percentages of the pathogen.

Of the three committees formed to investigate the incident, the third was tasked to identify the reasons behind the infection case and ensure that it does not occur again.

Source: Jordan News Agency