Contacts ongoing with Canada after arrival from Jordan tests positive for COVID-19

Amman, A health ministry official announced on Saturday that contacts are underway with the Canadian authorities after an arrival from Jordan tested positive for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Assistant Secretary-General for Primary Health Care at the Health Ministry, Adnan Ishaq, said that officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are in contact with Canadian authorities to track the history and locations of the case’s stay in Jordan and trace the people she might have come into contact with.

Ishaq also noted that the competent authorities are investigating another COVID-19 case announced in Israel and was in Jordan.

Ishaq emphasized the fact that any person who was infected abroad with corona and had previously traveled to Jordan does not mean that he contracted the disease during the visit to the Kingdom, as he may have been infected after leaving the Kingdom or while in the airport of another country or on the plane.

Source: Jordan News Agency