Citizen passing away in Irbid has no relation with Covid vaccine: official

A health official in Irbid, northern Jordan, on Monday ruled out any link between the death of a citizen who received the Covid vaccine on Monday, and any complications due to the vaccine.

Director of Irbid Health Directorate, Riyadh Al-Shiyyab, said the report issued by the Center for Forensic Medicine in the North Region indicated that the cause of death was a severe bleeding in the stomach as a result of a bleeding ulcer and a liquid blood pool in the stomach of about a liter.

Al-Shiyyab explained that the patient suffers from cancer and his medical history confirms that he has heart diseases and underwent open-heart surgery.

He added that medical and health staff have extensively followed up on the case to determine its causes, pointing out that an investigative case was not filed before the Public Prosecutor.

SOURCE: Jordan News Agency