Canada boosts capacity of key supply hub for weapons to Ukraine

Canadaian Defence Minister Anita Anand said Canada is boosting its capacity at a key transportation hub in Scotland, so weapons and other supplies can more easily be shipped to Ukraine and other countries in eastern Europe.

Canadian forces have been responsible for delivering four million pounds of cargo since March, Anand told CBC News on Sunday.

“The Prestwick, Scotland hub will now be expanded into an air mobility detachment with a third CC-130 aircraft and 55 Canadian Armed Forces members present” Anand added.

“We are expanding the ways in which we are assisting Ukraine and getting military aid to Ukraine by delivering even more aid,” Anand explained.

Earlier this week Ukraine has written to the Canadian government to request armoured vehicles, howitzers and winter clothing.

Canada has promised to deliver 39 armoured troop carriers and committed or delivered $626 million in military aid to Ukraine since February, according to Anand.

Source: Jordan News Agency