Cabinet underlines King’s speech at Arab Summit

Amman, The cabinet, on Monday, underlined His Majesty King Abdullah II’s speech at the Arab Summit and his strategic and wise vision for all issues and challenges facing the Arab nation.

The Cabinet also emphasized Jordan’s successful presidency of the Arab Summit over a year.

During a cabinet meeting, Prime Minister, Hani Mulki, said when His Majesty assumed the Arab Summit’s presidency, he promised to focus on the most important issues that are a priority for the Arab world, namely, the Palestinian issue and its centrality, Jerusalem, the war on terror, promoting joint Arab action and reforming the Arab League, stressing that successes have been achieved in all these issues.

Mulki said Jordan has led the Arab nation and the world’s efforts towards further assertion that the Palestinian cause remains the core issue in the Middle East.

The prime minster paid tribute to Jordan’s efforts towards Jerusalem and highlighted the kingdom’s endeavors to contain the ramifications of the U.S. administration’s recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel.

The prime minister added that Jordan is one of the active countries in the war on terrorism within a holistic perspective.

He noted that Jordan has always believed in the need to activate joint Arab action and Arab consensus as a way to address challenges facing the nation.

Following the cabinet meeting, Minister of State for Media Affairs, Mohammad Al-Momani held a press conference, in which he highlighted King Abdullah’s participation in the Arab Summit, as well as tackling local issues, among which were stimulating the national economy.

Source: Jordan News Agency