Cabinet says Defense Order (11) in force: Adaileh

Amman, The cabinet said in a session held Tuesday that Defense Order No. (11) of 2020 is still in force, Minister of State for Media Affairs Amjad Adaileh told journalists Wednesday.

In a press conference held at the Prime Ministry, Adaileh said that Defense Order No. (11) urges institutions and enterprises” owners to fully comply with safety and preventive measures. The order penalizes institutions where violations are detected, chief of which is not wearing masks.

Under Defense Order No. (11), individuals who disregard wearing masks and adhering to social distancing could be fined between JOD 20-50, in addition, institutions that fail to comply with the safety measures could be shuttered.

The government is giving people a week notice to fully comply with safety measures before activating Defense Order No. (11). Until then, competent authorities will start coordinating with governors to intensify monitoring to detect any violations, primarily gatherings of more than 20.

Also, Adaileh, who is the government”s spokesperson, said that the government will not tolerate attacks on security personnel.

He said that the government will stand firm against anyone who attempts to create disputes, noting that security forces that have also been affected by the government”s recent decision to stop an increase in salary for public servants, are working to act prudently in a the face of attempts to “politicize and inflate” the situation at the behest of political parties and individuals.

On the government”s decision to postpone resuming flights to and from “green countries,” Adaileh said that it might be confusing for some Jordanians abroad, adding, “we understand their state of discontent and even anger and we are deeply sorry for this, however, we live in under the coronavirus pandemic and we are not in an ideal time, hence, not all decisions are ideal.”

On speculations about financial disputes between the government on one side and the airport operator on the other, leading to postponing the resumption of flights to and from the Kingdom, Adaileh said that resuming flights is in the best interest of airport operators. He denied any disputes between the government and the airport operator.


Source: Jordan News Agency

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