Cabinet approves set of legislations, appoints new chairman for Media Commission

A Cabinet session, chaired by Prime Minister Bisher Khasawneh on Sunday approved a draft law amending the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Law of 2021.

The draft law aims at unifying the customs administration in the Kingdom, enabling the customs department to assume all customs powers, conducting investigation and inspection for customs crimes and controlling them, and collecting taxes, fees, fines and service charges arising from customs data within the boundaries of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone.

The draft law will also grant the Income and Sales Tax Department the powers to audit, estimate and collect income tax, general sales tax, and special taxes in the Aqaba Special Economic Zone.

The Cabinet approved a system amending the Real Estate Office Regulation Law of 2021, approved the system of employment for persons with disabilities of 2021, approved the regulation for the formation of the Court of Umm Al-Rasas Municipality of 2021 and approved an amendment to the civil aviation fee system of 2021.

On the other hand, the Cabinet decided to appoint Tariq Khalil Musa Abu Al-Ragheb as the new chairman for the Media Commission.

Source: Jordan News Agency