Bus stations undergoing sterilization, says Minister

The Transport Ministry, in cooperation with concerned government institutions, is sterilizing public transport bus stations, as they are jammed with commuter traffic, an official said on Sunday.

In a statement to Petra on Sunday, Transport Minister Khalid Saif said these sterilization campaigns are a part of a basic measure to control the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.

The minister also directed the public institutions and government departments, affiliated with the Ministry, to allow employees to carry out “essential” personal tasks in a way that doesn’t affect their financial entitlements.

Earlier, Labor Minister had approved 10 additional days on the annual leave balance for employees, who have already taken all their annual leave periods, Saif pointed out, adding these extra days will compensated outside working hours and on official holidays.

Additional measures included cancelling fingerprint scans and allowing working mothers to take an emergency paid leave of absence or work from home, he pointed out.

As part of the Ministry’s procedures, Saif pointed out a plan is in the works to continue providing services to citizens.

Source: Jordan News Agency