‘Being united in support of Hashemite leadership security pillar:’ Senate president says

Salt, President of the Senate, Faisal al-Fayez, has said the cohesion of the Jordanian social fabric, and standing as one behind His Majesty King Abdullah II constitute a lynchpin for the national security.

Sponsoring a ceremony for honoring the founders of the Al Salt Islamic Charitable Society on Monday, al-Fayez said that the country is going through hard times, and highlighted the tremendous challenges facing the Kingdom, which call for more concerted effort to be exerted by the Jordanian youth and official and civil institutions in order to tackle these challenges and to enjoy peace and stability.

He said that Jordan, under the leadership of His Majesty the King, will not backtrack on His Majesty’s “Three Noes” on alternative homeland, resettlement and occupied Jerusalem.

“Jordan will not accept the changing of the legal and historical reality in Jerusalem, or to violate the rights of the Palestinian people,” he stressed.

Source: Jordan News Agency