Audit Bureau President stresses importance of focusing on internal oversight

President of the Audit Bureau, Asem Haddad, said international auditing standards are currently focusing on internal oversight and ensuring its effectiveness in terms of independence and professionalism.


“The Audit Bureau focuses, during its audit process, on the outputs of internal oversight units in the public sector due to its importance in financial and administrative control, especially since internal audit is an essential element of the institutional governance system and plays an important role in preserving public funds and ensuring its proper utilization,” Haddad said in a workshop on “evaluation criteria for internal oversight units”.


He said that the bureau, in accordance with its methodology and development plan, adopted subsequent auditing as per international standards, which led to an increase in reliance on internal audits in the institutions under its control, as they are concerned with applying laws and regulations in force.


Haddad indicated that the Prime Minister’s circular of the new criteria for evaluating the internal oversight units, which came into effect since the beginning of this year, aims to develop and improve, noting that this session comes in this context for the exchange of ideas, information and expertise between the Bureau and bodies under its control.


Source: Jordan News Agency


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