Army strikes “Daesh” terrorists trying to infiltrate borders

Dozens from the terrorist “Daesh” gang attempted to infiltrate into the Kingdom’s northern borders around 12pm on Tuesday, prompting the Jordanian forces to use rules of engagement against them, an official Army source said on Thursday.

The source said the Army’s 10th border guard battalion, one of the military northern units, immediately engaged with the terrorists using all kinds of weapons as the operation of shelling and clearing the area of “Daesh” terrorists lasted until Wednesday noon, forcing them to retreat into the Syrian territories and killing some of them.

The source noted the Syrian army continued chasing the terrorists into the Syrian villages and towns, adjacent to the Jordanian borders in the Yarmouk Basin area.

The Jordanian military is fully ready and alert to deal with any gangs or terrorists with force, and will not let whoever to cross the borders, as the gang is currently being squeezed in their previous deployment sites inside the Syrian territories, the Army source concluded.

Source: Jordan News Agency