Army chief receives German Defense Minister

Amman, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mahmoud Abdel Halim Freihat, on Sunday discussed with German Defense Minister Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen aspects of cooperation and coordination between the armed forced of Jordan and Germany.

In a speech delivered at the handover ceremony of two GROB G 120TP training aircraft and a number of military vehicles as part of a German military assistance package, Freihat thanked the German government for providing the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army (JAF) with military hardware and stressed the successful partnership between the two countries.

He underlined Germany’s commitment to supporting Jordan in combating terrorism and managing the Syrian refugee crisis.

He said that the armed forces will spare no effort to protect national frontiers and deal with the influx of refugees from neighboring countries, which in turn imposed major burdens on the Kingdom. He noted that the Jordanian armed forces provide more than 70 percent of their logistical, human and medical services to carry out a humanitarian duty towards the refugees.

Freihat stressed the success of the German military support program and its effectiveness in building the defense capabilities of the Jordanian armed forces and enhancing their basic needs, pointing out that the investment in Jordan is an investment in global peace and stability.

“I would like to express JAF’s desire to develop the current support program into a five-year plan that will allow our requirements to be phased in,” Freihat concluded.

In turn, the German Defense Minister expressed deep thanks for the good reception and hospitality and for Jordan’s reception of German troops on its territory. She pointed out that Jordan-Germany cooperation is based on common grounds of mutual trust, credibility and standing in the fight against terrorism side by side, especially against the terrorist Daesh group.

Leyen emphasized that Jordan is a strong and strategic partner, noting that her country has provided JAF with border protection and surveillance equipment to help secure the border with Syria.

The German assistance aims at building the defense capabilities of the Jordanian armed forces and enhancing their basic and operational needs so that they can address challenges and combat terrorism, smuggling and arms trade.

Source: Jordan News Agency