Arab parliaments’ Speakers approve counter – terrorism document

Cairo, At the conclusion of their 3rd conference, speakers of Arab parliaments, late Sunday , approved a counter- terrorism document to address social, economic, political, cultural and elective reasons of terrorism in a comprehensive approach.

The document, which will be submitted to the upcoming Arab summit scheduled to be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, next March, calls for uniting Arab efforts to eradicate terrorism.

It stresses that struggle and armed struggle against foreign occupation and aggression for liberation and self-determination right are not considered acts of terrorism.

The Arab top lawmakers, through their document, urged for solving conflicts peacefully, warning at the same time against foreign interference in Arab region to avoid sectarianism and terrorism.

They also called for the implementation of Arab initiatives to activate Arab Declaration to implement the “2030 Agenda for Sustainable development Goals.” The document assigned the Arab League to set up a coordination council to counter extremist ideologies and hatred, with a data-base center aims to promote coordination and cooperation between Arab states.

It also called media, writers and intellectuals to support the culture of moderation and counter extremism and terrorism.

Source: Jordan News Agency