Arab Parliament urges Czech not to relocate embassy to Jerusalem

Cairo, The Arab Parliament on Tuesday urged the Czech Republic not to move its embassy to Jerusalem and abide by the United Nation’s resolutions not to change the historic and legal status quo in the occupied holy city.

President of the Arab Parliament, Mishal al-Selmi, said in a statement that he sent letters to the speaker of the Czech lower house of parliament, the president of the Senate, as well as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, stressing the Arab Parliament’s utter rejection to the Czech President Milos Zeman’s statements in which he pledged to relocate his country’s embassy to occupied Jerusalem.

Al Selmi stressed in his letters that this would constitute a violation of the international law and international legitimate resolutions; and a radical change in the republic’s positions, which was at the forefront of countries that recognized the State of Palestine in 1988.

The Arab Parliament’s president underscored in his letters the importance for the Czech Republic to abide by the UN’s resolutions with regard to occupied Jerusalem, which specifically state that any decisions or measures that aim at changing the city’s status quo or its demographic identity have no legal impact, and are deemed null and void in accordance with the UN’s Security Council resolutions.

Source: Jordan News Agency