Arab League rejects Turkey’s attempts to impose “demographic changes” in Syria

Cairo, The Arab League Council on Saturday voiced categorical rejection Turkey’s attempts to impose “demographic changes” in Syria by a so-called “safe zone.”

After an extraordinary meeting in Cairo, the Arab League’s foreign ministers council condemned the Turkish aggression on Syrian territory as a clear violation of the United Nations charter and Security Council resolutions.

The Arab foreign ministers considered the Turkish aggression on Syrian territory as a direct threat to Arab national security and international peace and security, stressing that every Syrian effort to confront this aggression and defend Syrian territory is an application of the inherent right to legitimate self-defense in accordance with Article 51 of the UN Charter.

They called for an end to the aggression and the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of Turkey from all Syrian territory, stressing that the aggression against Syria represents the latest episode of Turkish interventions and repeated and unacceptable attacks on the sovereignty of member states of Arab countries.

They held Turkey fully responsible for any repercussions of its aggression with the spread of terrorism or the return of terrorist organizations to their activities in the region, calling on the Security Council, in particular the permanent members, to take all necessary measures and immediately to ensure that Turkey bears its responsibility with regard to not allowing the infiltration of terrorist fighters to outside Syria.

The ministers instructed the Arab Group in New York to discuss ways to address the Turkish aggression within the various UN bodies, especially the Security Council, and to submit its recommendations to the Arab League Council as soon as possible.

They also decided to form an ad hoc Arab committee to follow up the Turkish interventions in the Arab countries and submit its recommendations to the League Council at the ministerial level.

Source: Jordan News Agency