Aqaba International Industrial Estate investments stand at $500 million

Aqaba, Investments of Aqaba International Industrial Estate (AIIE) hit $500 million and created 1500 job opportunities, 60 percent of all went to national workforce. The port city of Aqaba is a sustainable economic development stimulator, which offered investors from around the world lucrative investment privileges, in a bid to lure industrial businesses and to create employment opportunities for the Jordanian youth, said Sheldon Fink, the CEO, in a press statement on Sunday.

The estate has already developed infrastructure for a 100-dunum investment area and plans to launch other similar hubs in collaboration with Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA), Fink announced.

He highlighted cooperation with the ASEZA and the government aims to launch fresh investment ventures, and underscored the dire need to further rejuvenate investment regulations on the ground to ensure holistic investor services and to kick off micro-projects.

AIIE Industries cover a wide variety of activities, primarily apparel and other sewn goods, electronics assembly, metal fabrication, construction material, food processing, logistics, and warehousing.

Source: Jordan News Agency